A simple, transformational approach to feeling more confident and generating more clarity when communicating and selling the value of your business - without coming off as 'salesy'.


100% Free. No Credit Card Required.

Are you a Coach (Or looking to become one) who values growth, contribution, connection and is also...

Ready to overcome the fear of being on camera?

Ready to overcome the frustration of being undervalued?

Ready to go to the next level in your business?

Ready to experience more confidence with communicating your message?

Ready to generate more clarity with how to target your niche audience?

Ready to upgrade and amplify your mindset?



Here's What You’ll Learn in Just 5 Days:

  • Generate clarity around your target audience.
  • The MASSIVE mistakes people make when communicating their message to their ideal audience.
  • How to build and generate more confidence.
  • The Simple (yet super powerful) mindset shift's when communicating and selling your message.
  • Upgrading your subconscious limiting beliefs around communication and sales.
  • Tools and strategies you can use daily to amplify your message.
  • The Focus-Fulfil-Flourish framework that you can apply with simplicity and ease.

How does this Challenge work?

Great question!

After you sign up for this challenge, you'll receive an email confirming that you're all set for the challenge starting on 20th May (Australian Eastern Standard Time Zone).

You'll then be redirected to a Facebook Group where the Live Challenge will be taking place (don't forget to join the group!).  

From Monday 20th May, you'll be able to attend the LIVE challenge in the Facebook group or you'll be able to watch the recording in the group at a later time (I encourage you to make it live, it's going to be a load of fun).  

Every day for 5 days you'll receive an email filled with tools, strategies and exercises for amplifying your confidence, clarity and mindset.

At the end of the challenge, you'll be invited to join an 8-week live coaching program, called Amplify Your Voice.  

Get ready to seriously amplify your confidence, clarity and mindset!

Meet Your Coach, Ryan Cassano

Ryan Cassano Founder

Hi! My name is Ryan Cassano, creator of the Amplify Your Coaching Business Method and host of this FREE 5-Day Challenge.  

I’m a business coach who loves a simple, transformational, fun (and often unconventional) approach to success!

I love seeing people GROW, and FLOURISH in life, and in business.

I've taken many clients through the strategies and tools I'm going to show you in this challenge, that have been taken from my own experiences, learnings, and creating the life that I love today.

From quitting a 9-5 desk job two years ago... starting my first business (and failing)...

To working with a highly successful business coach for almost a year...

Then packing my life into my car 6 months ago, and moving from my hometown Sydney to Melbourne, and CREATING and AMPLIFYING my own full time coaching business...

I've learnt SO much, that I'm super excited to share with you.

I'm also your resident EXPERIENCER of business and life.

I've spent thousands on my own personal and professional development, and learnt from some amazing people over the past couple of years, how to craft, communicate & sell the value that we can offer.

I've also build and forged a mindset of GROWTH & ABUNDANCE.

Now, I’ll show you how YOU can do the same with my 5-Day Amplify Your Coaching Business training where I teach you how to generate more clarity, confidence and build a mindset that can support your vision.


Pop those details in and let’s amplify this! 

Alright, I'm in!


We start Monday, 20th May.

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